Week 6: Eat…Sleep…Study…

          I cannot believe I am saying this, but next week is midterm week. Luckily the exams are spread out a bit between next week and the week after, but there is still an overwhelmingly large amount of information to learn/review for each class. I wanted to make sure to post a blog tonight, just because I know the next few days will be a bit hectic for me. Next week I have three midterm exams (Behavioral Medicine, Anatomy lab, and Anatomy lecture) and one final (Dermatology). The following week I take only one midterm (Physiology) and one final (HEENT), and then I’m halfway through my first semester of PA school!

          Thus far, all of our quizzes/exams for each class have been unannounced. I used to despise “pop” quizzes in middle and high school, but now, it really has been forcing me to keep up with the material for each course, week by week. I have been studying with the mindset that I will be tested in every class at least once a week, and so I am hoping that when I begin looking back at information over the weekend, most of my studying will be a review. It’s nearly impossible to know every detail of information for each class. For example, studying everything we have covered in Dermatology in the past six weeks would entail my reviewing a 400+ page textbook…a bit of a difficult feat to accomplish. For Anatomy lab, we are not just tested on body parts of our own cadavers (I know Summer very well at this point), but those of the other five cadavers as well. So I will definitely be frequenting the cadaver lab over the weekend to make sure I can identify all of the important structures in the other cadavers before Tuesday’s exam. Time management will be vital this weekend. I have made a study schedule to make sure that I delegate a relatively equal amount of study time to each class. Hopefully I am in a good position and confident enough in what I know by next Monday night (thankfully it’s a three-day weekend because of Columbus Day).

          The past two weeks of HEENT have focused on diagnosing and treating disorders of the ears and eyes, both extremely complex organs. I have spent so much time learning the normal ear and eye in my undergraduate studies, so it is so cool to now be able to apply that knowledge for recognition of abnormalities in the structure and function of these two organs. Today was our last Dermatology lecture, which focused on adverse skin reactions that individuals may present with after taking specific medications. Once Dermatology and HEENT finals are completed, we begin studying two new medical specialties for the remaining half of the semester.

          After I post this blog, I’m off to begin my midterm studying. I will temporarily be in my midterm/final regimen of eat, sleep, study. The next two weeks (especially this weekend) will undoubtedly be mentally and physically exhausting, but I’m looking forward to the calm after the storm two weeks from now. So, here goes nothing…

Question of the week: A clinician may find a cerumen impaction in which organ of his or her patient?

Last week’s answer: The worm-like structure that hangs from the first portion of our large intestine is called the appendix. 

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