Week 7: In The Midst Of Midterms

          Well, I’ve reached the halfway point of my two weeks of midterms and finals, and I am happy to say that I still have my sanity, though I am a bit mentally exhausted. As I said in my last post, this week’s schedule was literally composed of eating, sleeping, and studying (with studying being the priority of the three). I haven’t received any results on the exams I took this week, but I have a general idea of how I did on each exam. My Behavioral Medicine midterm, Anatomy lecture midterm, and Dermatology final all went pretty smoothly. Of course all of the exams had some tricky questions that took a lot of thought, but that is to be expected at this level. Going into this week, I predicted that the Anatomy lab (cadaver) midterm would be one of the more straight-forward exams, but it actually turned out to be the most difficult, by far. I think I did okay on it, but I was surprised with some of the specific structures we were tested on. Some structures that we didn’t find in our cadavers were literally hand-made by the professors. For example, if the cadavers were missing a specific artery or vein, the professors used pipe cleaners (red for arteries, blue for veins) to fashion these missing structures. It’s such a clever idea, but not one that I was expecting! At least I now know what to expect for the final…

          Next week I have one last midterm (Physiology) and final (HEENT), and then I am free (not really, but the stress level should decrease a bit). Two new courses begin next week, since I have completed Dermatology and will complete HEENT next Wednesday. In place of HEENT, we begin Gastroenterology (specialty of medicine focused on disorders of the digestive system), and in place of Dermatology, we begin Infectious Disease (specialty of medicine focused on diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites…etc). I did enjoy studying both of the original specialties, but I am still excited for the change. The other classes will all resume next week, and continue for the remainder of the semester. In Anatomy lab, we still have much of Summer left to dissect (arm and leg muscles, urinary and reproductive systems, facial muscles, eyes, and brain, which I am most excited for). I also have another standardized patient lab for my Behavioral Medicine course. The news I must break this time around, in my opinion, is much worse than the news I delivered earlier this month, so the story I have to tell should be interesting. The next break I get is Thanksgiving weekend, so (as always) I expect to have a busy month leading up to that.      

It’s midterm week, so why not join in on all of the fun! Let’s see how much you have learned from my blogs thus far:

  1. What does the following acronym stand for? P-R-I-C-E
  2. What does the following acronym stand for? H-E-E-N-T
  3. What is the heaviest organ of the human body, by weight?
  4. In the second week of PA school I introduced you to my first ‘patient.’ What is her name?
  5. The smallest bones of the human body are located in the ears. How many of these bones are in each ear?
  6. There are eleven recognized organ systems of the human body. Can you name at least six of them?
  7. A cholecystectomy is the surgical removal of which body organ?
  8. True or False? The mitral valve, also called the bicuspid valve, is the right valve of the heart.
  9. What is the worm-like structure that hangs from the first portion of our large intestine called?
  10. Gastroenterology is the study of which organ system of the human body?

Last week’s answer: A clinician may find a cerumen impaction in an ear of his or her patient. Cerumen is just a fancy term for earwax. 

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