Week 34: Little Pinch

I rubbed my abdomen, just a few centimeters to the left of my belly button, with an alcohol swab provided by my professor. With the site now clean, I popped the cap off of a syringe (an empty one), also provided by my professor, and centered it’s needle over my sterile abdomen. A bit hesitant, but determined, I gradually applied pressure onto my abdomen with the tip of the needle, and, just like that, I had successfully injected myself…

This week in Pharmacology, we continued to focus on treatment of diabetes, specifically relating to the dosing/prescription of insulin. The administration of insulin is through the use of a syringe, which therefore requires patients to self-administer the medication via daily injections. Since we will ultimately be explaining to the patient how to administer the insulin and self-inject it, our professor saw it fitting to have us all experience what the injection truly feels like. Honestly, the injection didn’t hurt! The needle was very, very thin, so all I felt was a little pinch.

All of my other classes have been going well. This week in Surgery, we focused on surgical procedures/treatments used to cure a variety of gastrointestinal disorders, from tumor removals to correction of various forms of hernias. My midterm for this class is Wednesday (mainly the reason for this late post!), so I’ve been focusing on this material for the bulk of my weekend. In Clinical Skills we began to learn the techniques of a neurological physical exam. There are many different components to this physical, but a good portion of the exam is a review from last semester, which makes things a bit easier. We had eight hours of Hematology/Oncology this week alone, so we covered many new topics, from anemias to leukemias and lymphomas. In Obstetrics, we focused on techniques used to monitor a fetus in the first hours and days following his or her birth (no new birthing videos to talk about this week though!).

Luckily, I found a bit of time to relax tonight to write about my week. It’s so difficult to just make time for myself, but I’m trying my best. October is going to get a little more chaotic, but after these next four weeks, things should calm down…should.

Question of the week: Which form of dietary fat is healthier: unstaturated fat or saturated fat?

Last week’s answer: The approximate size of the male prostate is 2.5 centimeters (in length).

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