As an undergrad, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Medical Ethics. For the past few years I have been pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant, a career that would allow me to fuse my strong interest in and passion for the medical field with my sincere empathy for others. Long story short, after shadowing a number of Physician Assistants, volunteering my time to care for hospitalized patients, filling out a multitude of Physician Assistant programs’ primary and supplemental applications, and finally interviewing with schools who would potentially accept me into their programs, here I am, a definite Physician Assistant student come this Fall (2013). The main purpose of this blog is to document my experiences as they unfold throughout the course of my Physician Assistant schooling. So, if you care to join me on what will likely be a challenging, yet rewarding, three-year adventure, you are more than welcome to frequent my blog. I am certain that your support will make all the difference to my success.

Just an extra note: Most of you reading this blog know where I’m attending PA school. The content posted on this blog reflects only my personal views and experiences and not those of other students or faculty in the Department and/or College.

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